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We are proud to say that we are at your service when you need our solutions in keeping your carpet and furniture clean. The fabric used in various carpet or upholstery designs require different attention. Our high cleaning standards are concentrated on taking good care of your assets and removing any unwanted changes on your carpet and furniture.

To achieve client satisfaction, we take an extra step of educating you on the best way to reduce contamination and maintaining the quality of your indoor air. We pay attention to our clients’ needs and in the end fulfil their desires and expectations.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Customers require consistency whenever they pay for our services, that’s why we do not compromise on quality. We have invested on superior machinery and equipment to deliver and respond to our customers’ needs on time. We also take precaution when recruiting our technicians and team members- we trust our evaluation criteria to ensure that we have the right person to meet our goals and principles.

Our advanced use of superior equipment eliminates the need of using abrasive methods of cleaning which normally affects carpet fabric. Every property is unique in both its surrounding and use, that’s why we prefer scheduling an analysis to determine the nature of work to be done on your carpet and upholstery.

Cleaning carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery to their original state requires knowledge and skill. we have combined our knowledge and experience with green cleaning solutions to make the process natural and safe for habitation .

Our methods discourage mildew and mold growth – they mostly thrive on dump environments. Our cleaning services cannot be compared to other service companies offering solutions in the market. To find out more about our uniqueness it would be helpful if you make a choice of contacting our customer service team for more information.

Carpet Cleaning Sherwood Park

Residential Carpet Cleaners

Upholstery Cleaning Sherwood Park

Cleaning Upholstery Professionally

Cleaning Upholstery Sherwood Park

Upholstery Cleaning

If you have upholstered furniture, then you know the pain and stress of removing stains and ugly spots. This can be an expensive exercise if you approach with limited know how. To make it affordable, we have invested on up to date equipment which not all preserves the nature of your fabric, it completely removes all the stains and contaminants on your furniture.

Cleaning upholstery requires green products, vacuum equipment and skill in avoiding shrinkage in certain areas of your furniture. We are professionals, we know ways of making the cleaning process easier and fast; we guarantee extra care on your furniture.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Rugs have colored fabrics and design patterns that uniquely blend with the interior design. Rugs are placed in high traffic areas that become prone to dust and dirt accumulation. To make it safe for the occupants of the room, rugs should be regularly cleaned. Our technicians know the right methods to use so that your possessions retain its prime condition.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Experts

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Sherwood Park

Mattress cleaning services

Sometimes dirt and dust accumulate in mattresses for both commercial and residential properties. Accidents do happen especially in Commercial premises such as hotels. To maintain a clean business, you will need Sherwood Park Carpet Cleaning services. If you make an appointment, we shall guide you through the various methods that we use to clean mattresses.

We provide on-site services, so this should be the end of hauling your mattress far from your residence for cleaning. Our services will help you in extending the life of your mattress and sustain your healthy lifestyle. Sleeping in a clean mattress provides quality rest and saves money.

Professional Flooded Carpet Cleaning

Flood restoration services

Storms and water disasters do happen in certain areas of Beaumont, Leduc, Edmonton and Sherwood Park and are unavoidable natural calamities. We are dedicated to provide residential and commercial food restoration services through a fast response system. Using up to date equipment, our technicians are able to make you feel at home again by removing the water.

Our commercial services will keep your business running as we help you fully recover from these natural disasters. Our Flood restoration services also ensure that microorganisms do not grow and form on the humid structures in your premises. Sherwood Park Carpet Cleaning delivers proven solutions after assisting in various projects for about a decade.

Flooded Carpet Restoration

Flooded Carpet Restoration

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