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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

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Our commercial carpet cleaning services can be applied in apartment and condo complexes, organizations and offices such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, libraries, corporate buildings, stores, airports etc. Our technicians are beyond the basics of carpet cleaning, they are fit to provide information and tips of how to keep carpets, rugs, mattress and upholstery clean using simple and traditional methods.

Carpets, rugs and upholstery tend to have less service if they are not maintained well. Cleaning is part of the maintenance. The beauty of these possessions is what attracts customers : the color and texture of these furniture material should be consistent. The indoor air should be conducive in all commercial businesses and the best way to achieve this is to remove soil, dirt, dust, pollen and allergens before they cause respiratory disorders.

We also neutralize carpet odors by using product that keep them fresh and scented. Rugs, carpets and upholstery demand extra attention; they also need protection especially in high traffic areas or places where pets are allowed. We use green cleaning products to meet the required eco-friendly standards; this will ensure that your customers and employees remain safe and healthy from internal pollution.

Your investment is to keep the image of your commercial business, Sherwood Park Carpet Cleaning is committed to make this happen at no extra cost that what you plan to invest. We will take care of your floor investment and even give you more information on how to save money on the long run.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

We use up to date portable equipment which are less disruptive when in use. We will guide you on what we offer but before we can select a solution for your business, an on-site assessment has to be performed and documented. The importance of an inspection is to give an insight of the patterns and habits of floor usage.

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We offer Carpet Cleaning, Rug and mattress cleaning, Flooded Carpet Restoration Services and more.

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